Progeny, steel rod, rope, textiles, thread, 130 x 118 x 25 cm, 2019


2016, ongoing

In the series From.Between.To Šerpytytė employs ceremonial sashes specific to the Baltic region, overlapping and layering them across canvas stretchers. Using traditional materials, these works trace how the region’s communities intersect; motifs from one country are legible in another and reveal a call and response between nations. She also looks at how the repetition – or rhythm – of these patterns might be understood as a wider visual language, one that can communicate between cultures. Just as linguistic forms of expression facilitate a communal purpose, so visual matter can be incorporated into a process of mutual understanding.

Šerpytytė collaborates with weavers to produce the sashes in vibrant colours that recall the chromatic intensity of Pop and Op art, furthering the layered referentiality of the works. Away from the Baltic context the works also address a different history, that of international Modernism and in particular the development of abstraction. By weaving the sashes into complex grids on canvas stretchers Šerpytytė recalls the tropes of geometric abstraction.

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