Territorial Symphonies


During the 58th Venice Biennale Indrė Šerpytytė presents Territorial Symphonies. This new commission explores inclusion and exclusion in the biennale, one of the most prominent moments in the international arts calendar. In Territorial Symphonies, a brass band plays national anthems of the more than 60 countries that came later to his world stage. Not having the luxury of a permanent space, their pavilions lie outside of Giardini.

Taking this as a starting point, this new work seeks to highlight the power dynamic between the countries on the inside and outside. As an act of protest, the performers will play outside the bounds of the Giardini, highlighting the countries’ inability to have a presence within the grounds itself. Forming a continuous fanfare to the missing and absent, the work asks us to reassess the established borders and territories that govern geopolitical landscapes and ideologies.

Countries in full: Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, China (People’s Republic of), Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Ghana, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Ivory Coast, Kiribati, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Montenegro, Mozambique, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Seychelles (Republic of), Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa (Republic of), Syrian Arab Republic, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Wales, Zimbabwe

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Territorial Symphonies, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, 2019